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Living Well Transitions offers intensive therapy, groups and life skills counseling to young adults ages 18-32 in a real-world, independent living environment. We help clients struggle less by developing self-acceptance, values clarity and the courage to take action so they can lead purposeful lives in alignment with their core values.

Living Well Transitions is a therapeutic, independent living program for young men and women ages 18-32. Our goal is to help young adults create a healthy and rewarding life of independence and purpose that is in line with their core values.

We strive to teach our clients how to reduce their current path of confusion be meeting them where they are unconditionally while clarifying and supporting their core values and focusing on workability. We help our clients navigate their choices in relationship to their values as they learn to find self-direction, a sense of purpose and lasting change.

We do this by providing our clients with up to 25 hours of clinical support a week by Masters level counselors as they live their lives in the community. Most clients begin our program by moving into a “Landing Pad,” a beautiful home in the community, where they live on average for 6 weeks prior to moving into their own apartment. They have the opportunity to practice living life without artificial restraints and have their clinical team hold a mirror for self-evaluations and reflection. Our ‘Scavenger Hunt’ initiates new clients to Boulder’s excellent bus system while highlighting community resources and gathering places.  An intensive six week orientation phase focuses on learning household management and life skills, and on making social, employment and academic connections in the community. With multiple daily meetings, or ‘contacts’, this period is also intended to foster the depth of relationship and trust that is necessary for our clients to carry out the intensive and life-changing work that they have come to Living Well to accomplish.

During the orientation phase clients are expected to participate in a variety of more structured individual meetings and group activities designed to build momentum and expose clients to the program offerings available to them.  This initial structure is then gradually tapered while a more individualized schedule is created, which clients choose for themselves. Because our program focuses on supporting the self-determination necessary for independent living, we do not rely on rewards or consequences to shape our client’s behavior.  Instead, an intentional process of values clarification and goal creation is embarked on where both the client and his/her Therapist create a “Transition Plan”.  The Transition Plan works like a map of the territory the client most wants to work on, and the agreement to engage in this Plan becomes the basis of our work together.

Over the course of the year, clients pursue goals in alignment with their Transition Plan and we anticipate that most clients will struggle in reaching goals that are meaningful to them.  Clinical support in times like these provides both insight into self-limiting patterns as well as support to try new strategies for success.  Over time clients learn new ways of relating to obstacles and gain confidence as they experience successful beginnings, middles and endings to the efforts they make.  As success in their endeavors leads to a busier schedule, client’s number of contacts with Living Well Transitions begins to taper off.  Our program ends as clients demonstrate increasing self-sufficiency in taking actions that lead them further and further into the life they most want for themselves.

Appropriate candidates for Living Well are those that have the desire for change. They must be open to possibilities and are able to recognize things that have gotten in their way of moving forward in their lives. Many have struggled with anxiety and/or depression. Low self-esteem, ADD/ADHD, identity and relationship issues, substance use and neurological, personality and learning disorders are also areas our clients have struggled with.

Contact Information

Living Well Transitions
1320 Pearl St. Ste. 320
Boulder, CO 80302

Marti Weiskopf, Director of Admissions and Marketing
Office: 303.245.1020
Cell: 602.451.6588

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