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This selected list of A4CIP programs will aid families and individuals in their search for the best mental health options in their choice geographic locations. The following is a list of A4CIP community-integrated mental health programs located in the states of New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Step By Step Supportive Services Logo

Step by Step Supportive Services

Located in Brookline MA, Step by Step Supportive Services offers both residential and community based services for adults with mental…

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Vive is a community-based therapeutic program rooted in the belief that wellness and growth come from secure relationships. Using a systemic, relational, and strengths based approach, we create strong and enduring connections with our clients to inspire sustainable and lasting change. Vive services include mentoring, parent coaching, family therapy, case management, and daily guidance. Our mission is to empower families to connect, grow, and thrive in the communities where they live.
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Aware Recovery Care

Aware Recovery Care provides long term in home addiction care for those suffering from substance abuse addiction in Connecticut. Whether before or after traditional treatment, Aware Recovery Care delivers a home based continuum of care that is best for those that cannot go away, or for those in need of a home transition. Built on the visiting nurse model, Aware Recovery Care provides a visiting multi-disciplinary team for each client. Our clients learn the new skills and daily habits they must have to lead lives free of alcohol and/or drugs - in the comfort and privacy of the communities where they live.
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Westbridge Logo


WestBridge is a private, non-profit organization that provides integrated dual diagnosis treatment programs for men with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. We offer Residential and Community-Based Outpatient Programs in Manchester, NH and Brooksville, FL. WestBridge programs are participant and family-centric with an emphasis on community integration.
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The Dorm

The Dorm is full service treatment community offering comprehensive day and evening programming, partial residential treatment and individualized life skills training for young adults looking to further their independence.
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Windhorse Integrative Mental Health

Windhorse is an innovative therapeutic means for individuals to better understand and recover from extreme mind states (i.e. often labeled as “depression”, “bipolar”, “anxiety”, “schizophrenia”.). We use a community approach to recovery for individuals living with psychiatric distress. We offer apartment living with a housemate, supported by a therapeutic team, rather than institutional living.
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Ellenhorn Logo


Ellenhorn is a comprehensive and integrative private community-based program. Our multidisciplinary team of clinicians treats clients in their own environments. From robust psychiatric care and 24-hour crisis support to vocational/educational assistance, we provide seamless integrated care that enables clients with even extreme psychiatric symptoms to avoid institutionalized care.
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