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Menninger’s Pathfinder is an intensive community re-integration treatment program with supportive apartment living for adults 18 and older who need help translating insight into action for a life worth living. Pathfinder is ideally suited to clients who have psychiatric disorders as well as substance abuse.

With a person-centered intensive approach, Pathfinder creates positive building blocks for recovery by helping its clients:

  • Identify their barriers to success and implement new responses
  • Develop mastery of effective coping skills for overcoming those barriers
  • Experience a life worth living through building healthy relationships, learning, working or volunteering, socializing, continuing in therapy and living more independently

Pathfinder’s experienced clinical team partners with adults 18 and older who are ready to continue their psychiatric, addiction or dual disorder recovery in a less structured environment than a hospital or who need greater support than traditional outpatient services. The mental health professionals work individually and in groups with clients who have symptoms of depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, personality disorders, addiction or substance use, Asperger’s Syndrome or other conditions.

Each client and the clinical team develop an individual blueprint for treatment, recovery and life. Frequently updated throughout the participant’s stay over three months or longer, the blueprint contains goals, responsibilities and other activities that support continued progress toward independent living.

The clients who are managing sobriety also receive counseling from a licensed addiction counselor, attend 12-step meetings at Pathfinder and in the community, as well as support one another.

Pathfinder’s Services

  • Psychosocial rehabilitation
  • Programming that addresses life, interpersonal and mentalizing skills; group psychotherapy; dialectical behavioral therapy; cognitive behavioral therapy; and substance abuse counseling and 12-step groups
  • Weekly individual and family therapy and case management
  • Community living in local apartments, with support from bachelor-degree-prepared resident advisors
  • Individual recovery plans
  • Three- to six-month length of stay provides adequate time to develop and master skills and competence in daily living
  • Individualized educational assistance, including vocational and readiness assessments, tutoring and help with class registration and selection
  • Supported-employment model to help clients reach vocational goals and explore career development
  • Career assessments and vocational evaluations
  • Internship, work or volunteer experiences
  • Group and individual wellness activities
  • Group social events, including concerts, festivals and professional sporting events

In A Client’s Own Words

A former Pathfinder client explained her transformation in the program:

“Today is the first anniversary since I left Pathfinder. My first thought when I woke up this morning was ‘wow, how far I’ve come!’ I am grateful to the team at Menninger who guided me, to peers who supported me, to the friends who stood by me, to life for being so awe-inspiring when you believe in it and to myself for having found the strength to flourish. The last few months have been the happiest in my life.”

Where We’re Located

Pathfinder is located at 6912 Stella Link, Houston, Texas, 77025 in one of Houston’s most walkable desirable urban neighborhoods, which is just about a 10-minute drive from The Menninger Clinic, 12301 S. Main, Houston, Texas 77035.

Learn more by calling 713-275-5000 or visiting us online.

Contact Information

For Referrals
Charles O’Roark, Admissions Manager
(713) 275-5000

Alternative contact
Bree Scott

The Menninger Clinic
12301 Main Street
Houston, Texas 77035

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