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Vive is a community-based therapeutic program rooted in the belief that wellness and growth come from secure relationships. Using a systemic, relational, and strengths based approach, we create strong and enduring connections with our clients to inspire sustainable and lasting change. Vive services include mentoring, parent coaching, family therapy, case management, and daily guidance. Our mission is to empower families to connect, grow, and thrive in the communities where they live.

Vive provides community-based, experiential treatment for adolescents, young adults, and their families.

Vive supports the entire family system in their therapeutic journey by providing each family with two Family Coaches, who are masters level therapists. Vive Family Coaches work closely with parents and kids in their homes and in their communities, rather than in an office. Vive teams are located in communities across major metropolitan cities in the US.

Vive’s model is relationship based where change is driven, above all else, by the regulating experience of the therapeutic relationship. Our goal is to create deep and internalized shifts in our clients that result in long lasting and healthy behavioral change and emotional growth. What makes these relationships unique is that they live, breathe and exist in the natural environment. At Vive, therapy is an active endeavor, and sessions take place at home and in the community. Our coaching sessions involve the equally important elements of talking and doing. In doing so, the Family Coach creates a safe space to navigate the world together. Having sessions in a real world setting creates rich opportunities for connection and learning, as our coaches are experts at using the environment as a canvas to empower clients and promote growth.

In addition to weekly scheduled sessions, Vive Family Coaches are available to show up for families in real time, when support and guidance are needed in that moment.  Our clinicians are able to model a parallel process which becomes a template for families to learn how to create their own deep and meaningful relationships with each other.

The relationships that develop through our work together impact our families long after we have ended services with them and continue to impact the way they relate to themselves, each other and the world around them.

What makes Vive different from more traditional outpatient therapy?

The Setting: We meet clients in the community and home, in a “real life” setting. A session can take place in any appropriate setting such as a café, dorm room, car, at a nature trail, the grocery store, at a rock climbing gym, or at home.

Therapy as an active endeavor: Our mentoring is an active endeavor including both talking and doing using life’s many opportunities to learn and grow. Family Coaches work side by side with their clients as sessions and therapeutic growth are collaborative.

The Ability to model: During sessions there are many opportunities for clients to learn through watching and observing their Family Coaches. Young people can often be resistant to conventional therapeutic vulnerability, so watching the Family Coach can be a non-threatening way to learn and expand skills.

Availability: Our Family Coaches are available in between sessions and the relationship expands beyond the weekly scheduled time. Our goal is for our Family Coach-Client relationships to feel fluid in nature as to help clients feel consistently supported.

A unique relationship: Our Family Coaches wear many hats in creating the unique mentoring relationship: They are therapists, mentors, life coaches, advocates, and become part of the primary support system. Our unique approach to therapy encourages a great deal of vulnerability for both Family Coach and client and creates the opportunity for a deep, lasting influence.

A typical month of Vive services includes the following:

  • 2 Hours per week with client’s Family Coach
  • 1 Hour per week with parent’s Family Coach
  • Monthly Family Meeting with both Vive Coaches present
  • Phone, text, email, in-person crisis support available throughout the month
  • Incidentals and Activities Case management with prior and current treatment providers and community based support
  • Continuous case management and consultation within the Vive treatment team

Each part of Vive’s services can be increased or decreased based on client and family needs.

Contact Information

Vive Family Support Program

Main Contact: Leah Madamba, National Director

Admissions Contact: Marcy Clark, Admissions Director


National locations in Boston, New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, and San Francisco

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